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Brilliant delta kite at a great price. Superb service by return of my order.

Flew the kite today for the first time in Seaford. Me 76 & my younger daughter 45.
Last time we flew kite’s seriously was over 20 years ago.
Brilliant delta kite - flew with hot the slightest trouble.

Diamond Kite

great fun product. Service very efficient, delivery very prompt.

very good

very good product

This kite is fantastic, easy to launch and stays aloft well. Just a note, better instructions for frame assembly would be helpful. The 100m string is a great addition.

Nice kite - decent value

I bought 8 of these kites for various children in our family for Christmas. They're a blast to fly, durable, and perfect for kids up to 12. Excellent value for a first kite.

Great size and flies well

This kite is sizable, easy to use, and flies remarkably well. Our grandchildren absolutely loved it, and we're impressed with its durability.

Very good kite

Flying this kite is effortlessly easy. It gains height quickly and handles strong winds well.

Very nice and good quality

The kite is nice and durable. It was a bit tricky to assemble, but I managed it successfully in the end.

Eagle Kite
Zoe M.
huge bird kite!

Brilliant kite experience – it flew effortlessly even in the softest breeze, much to the delight of my seven-year-old.

Childs play

Wonderful service from the seller. This kite is perfect for kids and provides a great reason to spend time outdoors.

Eagle Kite
Yasmin A.
A reallt great eagle kite

Bought as a gift for my friend's son who absolutely loved it. I'm considering purchasing other kites from this supplier.

So Easy To Fly...

...even for a 3-year-old! The kite flew like a dream, and although assembly was a bit tricky (solved quickly by watching the assembly video), it went up easily and looked stunning.

Rainbow Delta 3 Kite
Charlotte G.
Great kite, robust and flies well

I was really impressed with this kite. Quick to assemble and so easy to fly. My young son and I had a blast flying it on the beach. Highly recommended for its ease of use and reliability.

Easy to use

Arrived quickly and was easy to assemble. A fantastic beginner's kite that my 2-year-old daughter can fly with ease.

Flies every time! What a kite!

A really nice little kite. It's easy to assemble and disassemble, and it flies very well. Very happy with this purchase.

Eagle Kite
August W.
Te eagle kite flies high and looks spectacular

Bought this kite for my 5-year-old grandson, and he and his dad have had endless fun with it in their garden. It doesn't need much wind and flies high. The neighbors love it too.

Would recommend.

My son still hasn't used this yet, but it was well-packed and he was happy with it. I love the bright, fun colors.

Great kite

Fantastic kite, arrived quickly and flies wonderfully.

Eagle Kite
Graham W.
Eagle kite for my son

A fun and suitable kite for 6-7-year-olds!

Excellent kite

We absolutely love this kite – it's a breeze to fly, and it always gets people asking where we got it. I can't praise it enough! Plus, Sunkite's customer service is outstanding.

Great fun

The grandchildren loved it. We flew it on a windy day in Cumbria on the fell behind our house. The wind was strong, but the kite performed well, and they loved flying it. Thank you, mission accomplished.

Good value and easy to fly.

This is a wonderful, large kite, ideal for beginners or those who haven't flown one in years. It's easy to fly, and its design makes launching a breeze.

Bright fun Kite

A lovely kite.

Good quality

This kite is a great buy for the money.

Eagle Kite
Eleanor H.
Great fun kite for kids

An excellent product for children to enjoy at the beach.